Berget 16 - Iron Claws

Evenemang - 5 år sedan
26-30 Juni
Snart är det dags för Berget 16!

Evenemanget pågår mellan den 26-30 Juni.

Här är lite snabb information från Berget arrangörerma.

Dates: Tuesday the 26th of June - Saturday 30th of June 2018

Safezone will be open during 09:00 - 24:00 26th June - 30th of June.

Check in opens: Tuesday 26th of June 09:00 CET
Team Gatherings: All players shall gather in their home base before 19:00 CET the 27th of June 2017.
Game start: 21:00 CET Wednesday 27th
Game ends: 15:00 CET Saturday 30th.
Check-out opens: 16:00 CET Saturday 30th (Returning of, Radios, AT4’s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm, grenades, officer patches etc.)
Grillparty starts: 18:00 CET Saturday 30th
Grillparty ends: 24:00 CET Saturday 30th
Check-out opens: 09:00 CET Sunday 1st of July (Returning of Radios, AT4’s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm grenades, officer patches etc.)

Safezone, Game area and parking won't be open until Tuesday the 26th of June 09:00. Before that you have to stay at camping or hotel/hostel.


General questions:
Payment and invoices:
Partners and companies:
Phone: Closed until June 2018, please use email until then

Mer information hittar ni på Berget Events

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