MERCS 20 - "Future past yesterday"

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Evenemangstyp: Milsim
Datum: 26 May - 28 May 2023
Samling: 07:00:00
Spelstart: 12:00:00
Spelslut: 12:00:00
Pyro tillåtet: Nej
Fordon tillåtet: Nej
Pris: 995 kr


Timeframe: 26-28 May, 2023. Area of operations: Hylta, Skåne, Sweden. (See location here.) Gamefee: 995 SEK Gametime: 48 h Factions: 2 : Humans vs Bots Tickets: 200. (78 sold.) HQ & commanders: Dedicated basecamps with HQ and fulltime commanders. Timetable: Thursday 25th. Checking in: 15.00 - 23.00. Friday 26th. Checking in: 07.00 - 09.30. Main assembly: 10.00-10.30. Team meeting at HQ: 10.45 - 11.45. Game on: 12.00. Saturday 27th. Game continues 24/7. Sunday 28th. Game over: 12.00. Food is served in safezone at 13.00. Missions: Several ongoing 24/7, along with temporary ones. Both stationary and mobile. Lots of them. Some known, others secret surprises and bonus based. Vehicles: Not allowed. (Only exception are ordinary bicycles.) Grenades: Pyrotechnical not allowed. Other types are ok. See rules. Thermals/heats: Not allowed. Laser: Not allowed. (IR is excepted. See rules.) Drones: Allowed for recon only. NO weapon platforms what so ever. Logistics & General other misc stuff. Limited space for parkin. Carpool as mush as possible, please. Campingsite for tents are favoured. Trailers, caravans, etc. will be secondary. Logistics has been limited. Water will be found in your off game bases. Power outlets for charging batteries can be found in the safezone. Toilets will be portapottys placed in your off game bases. Off base camp will be somewhat close to HQ and parking areas. HQ will be a fortified position that can be raided for items and points. The HQ will be fitted with a reinforced radioantenna for better coms to all players. Scrolling down will give you the rules, special rules, FPS-table, players list and missions. No arrivals before 15.00 on thursday. Check in before you go anywhere else.
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